Who We Are

Telos Kitchen is a decentralized autonomous team dedicated to block production and dapp development on the Telos blockchain. We believe that the Telos blockchain has the best community, governance, and technology available.

We ONLY work with EOSIO blockchain technology, and we ONLY build blocks on Telos.

We have active members in the United States, Mexico, and France, and we are always growing.

Telos Kitchen revenue distribution and governance is handled via the KITCHEN token. (More information and tools coming soon)

We host our nodes from New York City. NYC is one of the great global cities, jam packed with influencers, blockchain thought leadership, and a user base teeming with engagement and a thirst for exploration.

Current Projects

Telos Profiles & People Project

This project is a profile and communications platform

Quasar Telos Plugin & Dapp Starter

Quasar, Vuex, Telos, and EOS Transit are a match made in blockchain heaven. We are developing a Quasar plugin and starter kit to make it simple for developers to build a beautiful Telos Dapp with out-of-the-box compatibility with all wallets, all platforms, all screens, and all browsers.

SMS Telos Account Creator

This project allows users to create a free Telos account over SMS.

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